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How to Make Breathing In & Out Sounds in Beatboxing

Learn how to make breathing in and out beatbox sounds in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


It's very hard, it's a lot of breathing in, breathing out, with a bass sound, like I said, it's rarely used because it's so hard to do, you know what I mean, that is also like if you're going to do it, then yeah, yeah it's a very tough sound to do. I can't even go on about it, this is like Buffy's legendary sound. you know what I mean, this is like Darren Robbinson's legendary sound. This is like I've heard certain people do it from time to time and to try doing it for as long as he did, and as powerful and consistent no one could do it like robinson. everybody just tries and not like robinson no one, you know what I mean I just like I would say say you would have to talk someone into doing it, and now I'd say we are kind of lost teaching our selves to do it you know what I mean cuz he..

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