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How to Do a Beatbox Tongue Click

Learn how to do beatbox tongue clicks in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


We're talking about the click roll and like, the tongue click is really easy. It's like.. (tongue clicking). So it's just like basically like, you take the tip of your tongue, you know, putting it to the roof of your mouth, you know what I mean, and sucking in air, pulling it down. And that's how you get the click. Some people just have really loud ones. They can do it just amazingly loud. I know one I can't do it as loud as some other cats I know. But it's great I know, you can be sitting there going (beatboxing). You know what I mean, it can be filler, it can do all types of stuff. So, yeah. It's funny, you know, when you first learn this sound it's almost like, you know, when a musician first discovers reverb. You know what I mean? And it's just like, everything has reverb. (Yeah, I, World, Rock) And you're like, "yeah this is dope!", everybody else is like "yeah, just lay off" and that's what it's like. You try to use it sparingly once you get it down.

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