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How to Beatbox with Jflo & Kid Lucky

Learn about Beatboxer Entertainment's JFlo and Kid Lucky, two of Howcast's beatboxing experts, in this video.


"Kid Lucky: Sup, I'm Kid Lucky, president and founder of Beatboxer Entertainment.

Jflo: And I'm Jflo, I'm the 2011 american beatbox champion.

Kid Lucky: We are beatboxers here in new york and, y'know, been teaching y'all a little bit about what the human beatbox is all about, but, a little bit about myself, i started up a company in 2002 to push and promote human beatboxing because I got tired of human beatboxers not getting the respect that they so deserve, and I've been doing beatboxing, y'know, professionally, since about '95-'96. The reason I'm so passionate about beatboxing is that it has literally saved my life. It's been there for me since the beginning, it's always been there for me, it's never left me, and, y'know, allows me to express myself, y'know, to get out any kind of situation, problems, love, y'know, life. Beatboxing is definitely my form of expression, but what about you?

Jflo: I started beatboxing because I was into hip-hop when it first started. I love beatboxing because i feel like you can express really any sort of music, any sort of genre, anything, and express it, more life, which means, you're speaking your mind. So when somebody's beatboxing, they're expressing what they're thinking in their mind about music in a life way.

Kid Lucky: People can visit my youtube channel at

Jflo: you can find me on, Jflo beatbox, and the same thing goes for facebook and twitter, at real jflo beatbox.

KL: I gotta get some beatbox shoutouts to the american beatboxers out there, I want to give a shout out to Drey Matter[sp ?]

J: I want to give a shout out to Vones[?]

KL: Yo, I want to give a shout out to Mark Martins, mandible.

J: I want to give a shout out to Frisco

KL: I gotta get a shout out to Say What, from New Mexico, dope female beatboxer.

J: shout out to MC Beats

KL: Word, no, we can't forget Lucky Monkey neither, 'cause, yeah

J: Yeah, Lucky Monkey, and Fat Tony

KL: Yeah, we definitely can't. Yo, yo, and I want to give a shout out to Dreads the Beatnik, y'know what i'm saying, and like, just all the beatboxers all over 'cause i'm not going to be able to get out everybody, but like I said, I want to shout out to like all the beatboxers that be doing their thing, y'know, Lain out there doing his thing and like Verbalace and all these guys, and gals, y'know what I'm saying? Peace. "

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