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How to Say "Please" in Japanese

Learn how to say "Please" in Japanese in this Howcast video with expert Kanasato.


How do you say, "please" in Japanese? Onegai Shimasu. Please Onegai Shimasu Let's try it. Onegai Shimasu. Again, Onegai Shimasu. When you want a glass of beer, you say, Bi-ru, onegai shimasu. Beer is Bi-ru. Bi-ru, onegai shimasu . Let's try it. Bi-ru, onegai shimasu. And when you say, "please," to encourage someone, you say, Douzo. Douzo, Please. For example, Osaki ni douzo that is, "after you, please. Osaki ni douzo. Let's try it. Osaki ni douzo. Osaki ni douzo. And that's how you say, "please," in Japanese.

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