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How to Improve Your Beatboxing Technique

Learn how to improve your beatboxing technique in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"If you wanna try getting better at beatboxing one of the things I recommend is definitely learning the sounds perfectly. So you might have a kick a high hat in the snare but if you learn how to do them clean and nice, and you know, then you can start experimenting because you are able to control the sounds. So you definitely want to learn how to do the sounds clean and then start creating your own stuff.

So, you know, you can have the same three sounds like (beatbox noise performed)) kicks, high hats, snares and then do them in different ways (beatbox noise performed) but they sound clean like (beatbox noise performed).

So, definitely getting your sounds clean helps. Another thing that I think helps is listening to music, you know, sit down, listen to music and try to imitate. See that's one thing that humans can do is like try and imitate. Like if you go up to a friend who speaks another language and he says like...""try to say this the way I say it""...It's a different language that you've never heard but because you've heard him say it you can sort of try and imitate how it sounds.

So, listening to music definitely helps because then you can get your ideas out and try and imitate things, even though you might not know how to do them but you think and try to explore as to how to do it.

And also, if you want to listen to other beatboxers, you know, it helps too. But I definitely recommend working on your own stuff and listening to music definitely helps just as well as listening to beatboxers. But if you listen to music you'll be more original in the end."

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