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How to Be a Good Beatbox Freestyler

Learn how to be a good beatbox freestyler in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


"If you're going to improvise, improvise, man, like, improvise, like, don't get caught out there like just doing the same beats over and over and over again, y'know, just like, go different places man, like


We are sound artists, y'know what i mean, we are vocal sound artists, we are able to create any way that we want and what i just did right there is a straight up freestyle I can imagine people just doing this kind of stuff 'cause they chose to and be able to move their voices in a way that allows them to be able to take it to different places. A freestyle is what you really want to do at any given time, and there is no one telling you that you're not doing it and you're not doing it well when you're doing it for them.

So, a freestyle can be any way that you want it to be, and, you know, just as long as you're allowing yourself to experiment, y'know, with that, and have fun with it. The only competition that you have is with yourself, no matter what happens, if you're battling like 15 or 20 cats, or whatever whatnot, the only person you're battling at the end of the day is yourself, y'know what i mean, that's it. I mean, y'know, when you freestyle, it's all about you, it's you, whatever's going on inside you, and how you can best get it out. "

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