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How to Jam with other Beatboxers

Learn how to jam with other beatboxers in this Howcast video with Beatboxer Entertainment.


Yo what up yo! My name is Kid Lucky and I'm Jay Flo.(Kid Lucky): Yo we did this little something for you right here. A little jam thing like this. So like that's a little jam session that we just did right there. Now Jamming is very very cool that you can do with another beatboxer or even with another instrument but generally with another beatboxer is always amazing. What really works, I think is when like someone has certain things that they do and then other beatboxer said this is what they do. You wanna take a little bit about that? (Jay Flo): Yeah yeah, for example alright he was doing whole like, and I was doing a little more like fill-ins like sound effects so a couple of hi-hats. Things to follow up on what he was doing but putting on top of it instead of doing the same sounds and try to communicate that way.(Kid Lucky): Is this like having a conversation, like we're doing right now so you know it guys that's really would jamming is really about. It's like a really mutual conversation and we will end it up with you know another little jam session for you all. Notice how I got a beat really simple, and there's a sound effects. Now I'm adding a bass line. Now I'm, I gotta talking on the top. Now again sing it, slow, begin it, make it high when I go, Now you know.

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