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Call of Duty: Black Ops / How to Win Wager Matches

Learn how to win wager matches over Call of Duty: Black Ops with this game tutorial.


What is up, guys? Patriots here. I'm going to be teaching you how to win wager matches in Call of Duty Black Ops. Wager matches in Black Ops are under their own playlist so go over here and select wager match. On there you have four options: One In The Chamber, Sharpshooter, Gun Game, and Sticks and Stones.

One In The Chamber you have three lives and one bullet in your gun. Every time you kill someone, you get another bullet. You die three times, you're out. My strategies for One In The Chamber are pretty simple, just be careful. Don't run out there and shoot your one bullet off and you know you can't hit it.

Spare that one bullet because it's your one shot at killing someone. Otherwise, you're going to get into a knife battle with them and lag [SP] will determine who wins that battle. In Gun Game you, start with a pistol and work your way up. Every time you get a kill, you get a new gun. Gun Game, run around like a chicken with your head cut off, just run out there okay. You will get a kill eventually. Someone will have their back turned to you.

The maps are smaller in Wager Matches. They are cut off different points so its pretty easy to win. In Sharpshooter, the game automatically cycles you guys to the same weapon so you all have the same weapon at the same time. Getting one kill will give you Sleight of Hand Pro. Getting a second kill in a row will give you Lightweight Pro, third kill in a row, Steady Aim Pro, and the fourth kill you get two times of points for every kill you get.

Sharpshooter I recommend building a killstreak. Building a killstreak will get you those perks and if you get to your fourth kill, and you get that multiplier, it will really help you out.

Last but not least is Sticks and Stones. In Sticks and Stones, you get a crossbow, a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. It's pretty simple. Use the crossbow at long range, the ballistic knife at close range and the tomahawk if you get into one of those sticky situations where someone sneaks up on you. So your best option is like I said to use the crossbow at long range and the ballistic knife at close range. I prefer using the ballistic knife as an actual knife because it does have a little bit longer range and if your just knifing with the crossbow out. Thank you all for watching. This has been Patriots from realgamerstv, and I'll see you all later.

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