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How to Produce a Half Dollar from Napkin Using Magic

Learn how to do the appearing half dollar from napkin magic trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Alright. This is the Appearing Coin From Handkerchief. Or, if you're out at a bar, you can also use a cocktail napkin.

Take the handkerchief or the napkin and show completely empty. Both sides, like that. Take your left hand. Put it underneath the handkerchief. Go like this. Give a little shimmy, shimmy, shimmy with the handkerchief. Watch. You can actually produce money.

Start by showing the handkerchief both sides. Front and back. Secretly, in your right hand, hello, I have a coin concealed. Like that.

So, it's just held in the hand. So, as long as you don't make a big deal about the coin being in the right hand, no one will know.

Take the handkerchief and drape it over your left hand. Now, you're going to make this motion towards your audience. As you make this motion towards our audience, you're going to drop the coin that's in your hand into the palm of your left hand.

Now, this will not be seen by the audience because of this curve in your hand, that you're going to make. So, you're making a nice little well for the coin to be dropped into.

You're going to, then, drop the coin. That's the exposed view. You're going to then come over, like this. Close your hand, your left hand, around the coin. Come back towards yourself. You simply give a little motion with your hand.

A little shimmy if you will. Slowly opening your hand to reveal the coin to your audience. Now, all you have to do is pull the handkerchief and the coin will slide off the handkerchief into your hand. Like that.

And, you've just completed the Appearing Coin From Handkerchief.

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