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How to Change a Penny to a Quarter with Magic

Learn how to do the penny to quarter trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Did you ever walk past a gumball machine, reach in your pocket, pull out some change and you had everything but a quarter? Well, not to worry anymore because I'm going to show you the penny to quarter trick. Here's my penny. Watch. Just a little magical pass over that penny, and it changes into a quarter. You'll never be gumball-less again. ... Here's the secret. You ready? Surprise. There's two coins. And you thought it was real magic. Hah. Watch. The penny is clipped between the thumb and the pointer finger. The quarter is concealed in the right hand with the thumb pressing the coin up against the other fingers. Held in a very, very natural position.

Your right hand, secretly containing the quarter, will pass over the left hand holding the penny. As the hand comes over the penny, and the thumb touches the penny, the penny will drop into the left hand. Looks like this. Okay? That motion. The penny drops into the left hand. Now in full time, with the hand coming over, it looks like this. The quarter is concealed. The right thumb touches the penny. The penny drops. The quarter is left in its place, as the right hand comes back out, exposing the quarter to your audience. And you have a visual, instant transformation of a penny into a quarter. And that is as close to real magic as you'll get.

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