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How to Pass a Coin through Your Hand with Magic

Learn how to pass a coin through the hand from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Here's a great trick to perform when you're out and about with friends. It will really blow their mind. Take a look. It's the coin through hand trick. I'm going to cause this coin to go down through the top of my hand. Now what I have to do is I have to find my soft spot here. Oh, there it is watch. On the count of three, oh. That coin just went through my hand. All you have to do, is have a total of two coins on your person. You can use quarters for this. You can use dimes, you can use dimes, I personally will be using half dollars.

And you have the second coin in a thumb clip or thumb crotch position. Right like that. Turn this hand down, pick up one coin, show it to your friends, angle your hand so that your hand is not like this, but at an angle. Say that you're going to find your soft spot by tapping the coin on your hand like that. This is the acting part. Then you're going to count to three, when you get to the number three, you're going to push the coin that you're holding like that. Through your fingers. Okay, and when you get to three and that coin is pushed, throw your fingers like that, and your thumb against your hand, your going to drop the coin that's in the thumb crotch down.

And it will land either in your friends hand if you have them cup their hands underneath your hand, or it will land on a table if you're just performing on a hard surface. So, once again, the performance on the count of three. One, two, three. And that coin has just gone through your hand. And that's the explanation behind the coin through hand magic trick.

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