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How to Make a Coin Vanish with a Napkin Using Magic

Learn how to do the coin vanish with napkin trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Here's a wonderful way of making a coin vanish, using either a napkin, or in this tutorial case, a men's handkerchief. The coin is held in the left hand, whisked over the hand like that, give it a little blow and that coin has vanished.

... I'm going to teach it to you without a silk. As the hand comes over, the point where the silk gets to about here, is when I know that I should drop the coin. I time it to be caught by my right hand. Once again, using the silk this time. As the silk is tossed over, your audience is looking out at you, and I time is just right to drop the coin. I drape it over, I drop the coin. I drape it over, I drop the coin.

Now, with the silk it looks like this. Now, personally, when I make the coin vanish like that, I wrap the silk back up again and that noise is kind of magical. I feel that makes a much cleaner and better vanish.

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