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How to Do the Pinch Coin Vanish Trick

Learn how to do the pinch coin vanish trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Hey, it's time to show you a really cool vanish, it's called the pinch vanish. All you need is a coin and your hand.

The coin is held in the hand like this, the hand comes over, grabs the coin, watch. You can squeeze that coin into oblivion and it's gone. That's pinch vanish.

Like a lot of coin vanishes, the secret is in the title. You're going to pinch the coin and it's going to then be clipped between the thumb and the pointer finger.

Watch what happens when I pinch the coin. Just by applying a little pressure, downward pressure that coin flips down like that. Now, in performance your left hand will come over momentarily shielding the coin from view. As that happens the coin is pinched, like that. The left hand comes over mimicking taking the coin.

Your audience will then think the coin is here. You then crunch it, mimic, dissolving the coin in thin air and show that the coin has vanished and there you go. You've preformed the pinch vanish.

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