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How to Do the Retention Coin Vanish Trick

Learn how to do the retention coin vanish trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


  • Step 1: Set up the trick Take the one hand with the coin and quickly tap it on the opposite palm simulating the appearance that you've dropped the coin in that hand.
  • Step 2: Execute the illusion Simultaneously close the palm of your dummy hand while retaining the coin in your original hand, shielding it from the audience.


Do you want to learn a great coin vanish? Well, stay tuned. I'm going to teach you one.

It's known as the retention vanish, probably one of the prettiest coin vanishes you'll ever actually see. Properly executed you'll have a gem on your hands.

So let me show it to you right now. All you need is a coin and a hand. Watch, the hand is shown empty, the coin is then placed into the hand. As the hand turns over that coin will actually go up the sleeve. You don't believe me? It goes up the sleeve, across my body, down the other side, and then comes out right over here. The retention vanish.

This is the work behind the retention vanish. Once again, if you practice this you will have a gem on your hands. It is a retention of the eye, so the audience will see one thing. They will be convinced that they see that coin being placed in your hand. And it works like this.

The second the coin touches down into the palm of the left hand the coin is then retracted back into the right hand. Now normally these fingers would curl over, but here's an exposed view. Once again, just like that. The coin is being brought back in to the fingers in the right hand. So at full speed it looks like this, without the fingers closing. With the fingers closing it looks like this.

And I personally then take it and I put the coin in a finger clip position. However, you can just hold it. Full time once again. The coin is placed into the left hand, the fingers curl, the coin is retracted back into the right hand. I tend to tug on the sleeve just a bit, and I make a motion with the right finger up my sleeve, across my body and to the other side. The retention vanish. Learn it, live it. You'll have a gem on your hands, I promise you.

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