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How to Do the Tunnel Coin Vanish Trick

Learn how to do the tunnel coin vanish trick from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Now it's time for you to learn the tunnel bench. It's a really quick, simple and easy coin vantage which just uses one coin. Here's how it looks. The coin is held right there in the hand like that. The hand comes over and pushes the coin farther into the left hand fast. Turn the hand over, give a little squeeze to that coin. You can kind of melt that coin down into nothing and the coin has vanished. Hold the coin in your left hand fist as shown.

Just like that. Keep your other fingers, though, below, open. What's going to happen is the right hand thumb is going to push that coin farther into the fist. But really what's going to happen is that coin's going to be pushed into the right hand as the thumb goes in. So essentially, the coin is stolen from the left hand back into the right hand. Now remember, the audience thinks that the coin is in your left hand.

But really, the coin is secretly concealed in the palms of your right hand. Make a magical gesture with your right hand, perhaps by tapping your left fist. Perhaps by turning it over, making a magical punching gesture. Punching that coin into the abyss.

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