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How to Do the Thumb Palm Coin Vanish

Learn how to do the thumb palm coin vanish from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


Let's do The Thumb Palm Coin Vanish, right now. All you need is a coin and a hand.

Watch. I'll just make a couple passes over this coin. And, hopefully, that coin has vanished. Making it reappear is very simple. Voila.

The secret to this vanish is in the title. The Thumb Palm. Which, you're going to take the coin, essentially, and place it in the thumb palm position. From the front, you cannot see the coin.

Now, how do we actually get into this position? Well, remember the coin is held by the left hand between the thumb and the middle finger. We're going to come over with the thumb outward, which will catch the coin and clip it between the thumb and the base of the forefinger.

And it will steal that coin away. Like that. But, we're going to do it in an downward motion. Causing the effect of the coin vanishing.

But, the coin is now just right here in a thumb crotch or thumb palm position.

To make the coin reappear, all you do is you turn your left hand, palm down. Take the pinchers, your pointer finger of the left hand and thumb. They're going to go underneath the right hand.

At the same time, the coin will be released from the thumb palm position and held between the pointer finger and the thumb of the left hand. The right hand will then make a downward motion, exposing the coin into view. And you have a reappearance of a coin.

And that, my friends, is The Thumb Palm Coin Vanish.

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