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How to Back Finger Clip a Coin

Learn how to back finger clip a coin from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video


This is how the back clip looks in performance.

Taking that coin, tossing the coin up in the air by moving the hands up.


One, two, three. The coin has vanished.

To make it reappear, one, two, three. Making the coin appear again.

How this works is simple.

Your pointer finger comes around the coin, like that. So just practice keeping your thumb pressed up against the coin and the middle finger, and allow your finger to swivel around that coin. That's it.

In performance, swivel around, the coin is now clipped behind the hand. To make the coin up here, from that clip, if you were to remove your thumb, you'll see a little edge to the coin. That's what you're going to press on to re-pivot the coin into view. Pretty easy stuff.

This is coin magic.

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