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How to Back Palm a Coin

Learn how to back palm a coin from celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video


Let's now go over the 'Back Palm'. Another wonderful coin concealment that you can use to make a coin either appear or disappear, out of thin air.

It looks like this. Let's make a coin disappear. Taking that coin and, watch, with a wave of the hand, cause that coin to disappear. To make it appear, we reverse the process. Just gonna wave this way, and the coin appears.

What's going to happen is this half dollar is pivoted between the pinkie and the pointer finger. The two middle fingers, the ring and the middle finger, are going to help pivot that coin. Like that. Now, if I was to move these two fingers out of the way. You can see that I've built up enough strength between my pointer finger and my pinkie finger. This comes with just a little practice.

And all you do is grip, pivot and now you're in the back palm. To make the coin appear, you're just reversing the process. You're taking your two middle fingers, right here, and you're pivoting. Like that. And you can just sit down, watch TV, and work on this. You'll get it in about ,maybe, a day or so.

To show you that in real time, here's how it looks. Take the coin. Make a pass with the left hand. As your left hand comes in front of the coin. We're going to take that coin. We're going to pivot it into the back palm position. To make the coin appear again, remember, we do it in reverse. We come back around and we're going to pivot that coin again into view.

And so, that's a fun appearance or disappearance of a coin, using the 'Back Palm'.

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