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How to Produce a Coin from 2 Cards

Learn how to produce a coin from two cards with celebrity magician Matt Wayne in this Howcast video.


I'm going to show you how to produce a coin from two cards. And, what's going to happen, or what you'll see, is the two cards are shown. And then, out of the middle of those two cards a coin will appear.

Looks like this. Card number one is shown. That's the seven of hearts. Then the second card is shown. That's the six of diamonds. Place the six of diamonds on the bottom. Give the cards just a little flick.

Maybe you can say the magic words: Iggy, wiggy, piggy and poof! And, out pops money.

You secretly, from the very start, have a coin underneath the card. Now, you're going to take one of the cards off the top. Bring it up to the audience and show it. In this case happens to be the seven of hearts.

You're going to take that card, placing it on the top. At the same time, you're going to steal that coin from that bottom card, as you then show the bottom card to the audience.

By bringing it up. Showing it. In this case it happens to be the six of diamonds. You then say that you're going to take that card and place it to the bottom.

Now, what's happening here. That coin is being placed on top of the card that you just showed, is now secretly in the middle. You're then going to give a little flick of the card.

You can squeeze the cards like this and it will make a popping sound. Or you could say a magical phrase. I always prefer, "Iggy, wiggy, piggy and poof."

Just release your grip on the cards and out will naturally fall a coin. And you have a coin miracle.

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