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How to Dance like Gaga

Learn how to dance like Lady Gaga from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Steffanina and today we're going to teach you how to dance like Lady Gaga. I'm going to talk you through the moves and Dana is going to demonstrate them for you. Let's get started.

The choreography that we're going to teach you today is the short sequence from Lady Gaga's music video "Bad Romance." We're going to start by teaching you the legs and the arms separately. The legs are simple. You're just stepping right, left, right, left, right left, taking small, quick steps and keeping your feet close to the ground. Your arms are pushing out to the side in blades then covering your mouth, then brushing out, then pushing back down.

One, two, three, four. This repeats again just like that. One, two, three, four. From here you're going to step your left leg out and pull your left shoulder down to the front. Switch to the other side kicking your right leg out and pushing your right shoulder down. From here you're going to come up to the center, pushing your hands out in front. Now your right hip is going hit to the right side three times. One, two, three. From here you're going to bring your right foot in to meet your left, lifting your left hip and bringing your right arm up.

For the next eight counts we're going to do the same motion with our hips over and over. You're dropping your left hip, twisting back and lifting your right hip. As you do this your right arm is turning in towards your body as if you were screwing in a light bulb. For the first three you're just going to repeat this step. On and four, you're going to press across and then bring your hand back out to the side to go back to the twist. Four, five, six, seven, pushing across on and, and back out to the side on eight.

Let's try it again from the top and connect all those steps. Five, six, seven, eight. Stepping one, two, three, four. Again, five, six, seven, eight. Stepping left, right, head down, up to the front. Hips, hips, hip, prep, hip. Two, three, push, pull, five, six, seven, and eight. Let's try that with the music. Seven, eight . . .

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