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Call of Duty: Black Ops / Ground War and Demolition Playlist Tactics

Learn demolition playlist tactics for Call of Duty: Black Ops with this game tutorial.


Demolition is a unique game type for one reason. Spawns do not flip. That's right, that means whatever side your team spawns on, you will always spawn on that side so you can never push the spawns and have them spawn behind you. They may spawn to the side of you, but they will never flip completely. So this is a game type where you can spawn trap to no end. In this game type, what I like to do is have three guys pushing them back in their spawn, slaying them on offense. Then you have three guys who plant the bombs. Once you get the bombs planted, you guys have killstreaks. Call in the killstreaks. Push them back and then save some of your killstreaks for the next half because in the next half, you're on defense. You call in a chopper gunner, you call in dogs. That team is not moving out of their spawn. As you can see I made a plant over there, got a few kills, came over here and planted another bomb. Now I'm going to set up for defense. From here, I can overlook A and I can get back to B if need be. See I'll pick off a guy there. Now the bomb gets defused. I'm going to have to push back over there and plant it again.

My role in this very game was kind of a slayer and an objective player. Reason being is I am playing alone and I just joined into demolition. I don't have a team with me to organize this. My killstreak setup here is blackbird, chopper gunner, and dogs. Those killstreaks will come in handy later on when we get on defense when I can push them back in their spawn and not let them out.

Every time your team gets a bomb to go off and destroys an objective, you get time added. That time will allow you to get to the other objective. Now usually on maps there is one easy bomb to get and one hard bomb to get. Usually, A is the easy one to get. That's because it usually is more open and it's easier to get into, push the other team out, and take advantage of. However, in this situation, we did get B to go off first basically because we planted A and we went over and planted B at the same time. That is a strategy that helps tremendously. If you have three guys killing the other team off then you have three guys planting bombs. Have one guy plant A and one guy plant B at the same time. That'll make sure they have to divide their resources and most likely you'll at least get one to go off if not both. As you can see that I earned my blackbird and soon it will go off and we will have our victory in the first half. Now I'm saving the blackbird for the second have because I know for a fact that A is going to go off. Your killstreaks carry over to the second half so if you are getting close to blowing up that objective, save them and use them next round.

All right so now we're on defense. Now I call in my blackbird immediately at the beginning of the round so it can help me earn my next two killstreaks. Your killstreak also carries into the second round. So right now I'm on an eight killstreak. One more and I'll have my chopper gunner and then two more after that and I'll have dogs. There you go, I earn my chopper gunner and I'm ready to push into their spawn because it will not flip. As you can see they can spawn down here or they can spawn up top by B. Right now they spawned over here. I'm going to push in, take them out, and earn my next killstreak.

As you can see, I'm having a little bit of trouble there earning my killstreak but there's no worries. As long as my team pushes up and keeps them pushed back there should be no problems. That's another thing. In demolition, your whole team should slowly move up because you don't need to be back in your spawn because if you move up, you're not going to flip them. So your whole team, once they get a kill, move up. When you get another kill, move up. Keep moving the wall of your team up forward which will help you prevent them from getting out of their spawn and getting to the objectives.

I have now earned my dogs. They have a minute left to get these two off or at least one of them off to add more time. I'm going to call in my dogs which is going to push them back even more. Now I'm going to hop up here in a safe spot to call in my chopper gunner and we're going to put them away. As you can see the other team had no chance with us pushing them back, me calling in killstreaks, and me planting the bombs. Anyways guys, thanks for watching. This has been Patriots from RealGamersTV and I'll see you all later.

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