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How to Hip-Hop Dance like Usher

Learn how to dance like Usher from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up my name is Matt Steffanina and today I'm going to teach you guys how to dance like Usher. Usher is known for his big movements and his smooth glides. So I'm going to teach you guys a combination that incorporates both of those that you can practice on your own. You're going to start by stepping left, right. You're going to go ball exchange, a one, you're going to step forward two. You're going to jump out and you 're going to cross your left foot in front of your right, three.

Notice how I brought this arm in front to prepare for this turn. From here I'm going to take this arm and I'm going to use it to pull around, I'm going to unwind my feet and face the side. From here I'm going to take my front leg, step it out, then I'm going to switch my feet. When you switch your feet, you don't want to just step and step, you want to use your toes to make this smooth.

So as I step back, I go under the toe of this foot, then lower down slowly as I step out with my back foot. From here we are going to do a roll to the front, but we are going to isolate it. I'm going to start with my chest and upper body. So my chest is going front and around to bring my legs around after. Let's try and put that first eight count together. We have six, seven, eight. This goes a one, two and three, this is your prep, turn, four. Step your right foot out, five, switch your feet, six, pull to the front, seven, unwind your legs, eight.

When I release my legs, I'm going up on my toes again to bring my knees around to the front. From here I'm going to step my left foot in to meet my right and I'm going to body roll down. You want to create the illusion that this left foot stepping in causes your chest to go up to start this roll. As you finish this roll, you're going to bring your right knee up, then you're going to use your right leg kicking back to help you slide back on your left foot.

The further you travel back with this step, the more impressive it's going to look. So use this leg and really kick hard to travel. From here you're going to step this right foot back down in front and we're going to go into Usher's signature glide. So this is a little take on what Michael Jackson used to do and instead of gliding straight to the back, we're going to go in a circle. I'm going to start by going up on to my right toe.

From here, I'm going to push my left foot out and turn my toes so that they are facing away from each other. From here I'm going to bring my right foot in and shift my weight over to my left foot, gliding my right foot in. We're then going to go back up on to the right toe and continue this process all the way around. Pushing our left foot out, shifting our weight, bringing our right foot in. Right toe, shift our weight, bring our right foot in. When we get all the way back to where we started, we're just going to finish with a little groove.

Let's try to put that all together. We have five, six, seven, eight, ball exchange, two and three, turn four, right, left, chest, legs step together, roll down and three, four, you glide five, six, seven, eight, we bounce one, two, three, four. The groove at the end is up to you, just freestyle it. Have a good time. Practice that; and this is how you dance like Usher.

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