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How to Dance like the "Step Up" Movies

Learn how to dance like the "Step Up" movies from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Steffanina and today we're gonna teach you how to dance like the step-up movies. Now, if you're a guy, you can follow me. If you're a girl, you can follow Dana. You can still do this routine, even if you have two guys or two girls; you might just need to change a couple of the moves.

You're gonna start with your feet together. First, you're gonna step out with your right leg and punch across with your right hand.

From here, you're gonna continue this motion in a figure eight; bring your left foot in, and bring your right arm down to your side. You wanna make sure that your left heel stays up, because on this next move, we're gonna bring our arm up, switching our feet; bringing our arm down, and switching them back.

After that, you're just gonna nod your head up, and bring it back to center. From here, I'm gonna step out on my left foot, and run to the side. Dana's gonna do the same thing, to the opposite side. Now, we're gonna run in towards each other. I'm stepping on my right foot, Dana's on her left.

From here, I'm gonna turn left, right, left, over my left shoulder, like this. Step, step, step, to come to center. Dana's gonna do the same thing left, right, left, but as she turns, she's gonna step across, on her right foot and turn, so that she ends up in front of me. You wanna make sure that the person in back is directly behind the person in the front.

From here, Dana's gonna start a body roll with her head going down, to come up, and she's gonna sit down, on two. While she's doing that, I'm gonna wave my arm up, to drop down with her, on two; with my hands and fists by her sides. Together that looks like this, one, two.

From here, I'm gonna pull my right arm back, as she pulls and turns her right knee in; bring it back to the front, and do the same thing on the left side, pulling and pushing.

From here, we're gonna snake to the left, and Dana's gonna dip a little lower. I'm gonna run my hand up her back, and trace this roll to bring my hand in front of her chest, on six.

From here, she's gonna pop out and I'm gonna pull away, on seven; bring it back in, on eight. She's gonna drop back, and I'm gonna catch her, holding her neck in my hand; bring her back up slowly, on one.

Let's try that from the top. Five, six, seven, eight. We step one, two and three, head four, run, run, turn seven and eight. Roll one, two, three, four, snake five, six and seven, drop eight, bring her up, slow. Let's try that from the top.

And that's how you dance like the step-up movies.

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