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How to Hip-Hop Dance like Ne-Yo

Learn how to dance like Ne-Yo from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Steffanina and today I'm going to teach you guys how to dance like Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo really doesn't dance a whole lot, but what he does he does really well. Ne-Yo is known for his smooth glides, his walks, his points. He's a very subtle dancer but he comes across really strong in his movement. So I'm going to teach you guys a short combination today that will help you learn to dance better, like Ne-Yo.

We're going to start by stepping on our left foot. As you do this you're going to drop your left shoulder down. From here you're going to step your right foot behind, so pick this knee up to step it out to the side. We're going to repeat the same step on the other side, stepping down with the right foot and dropping the right shoulder, to pick this up again.

This time when you put your right foot down you're going to put it behind your left to turn around to face the side. Let's try that again. This goes one, two and three, four and five, six, from here you're going to kick seven with the front leg, step and turn real strong to the front on eight. You want to make sure that this turn is really clean, so this is seven and eight. You want to use your stomach, squeeze and tighten to stop on that eight.

From here we're going to go into a step touch. You're going to start with your right foot. You're going to go, and one, and two, and three, and four. When you're doing this step it's important to keep a bounce in your knees. And also remember that we want to rock back, so that this step doesn't appear stiff. So each time you step we're going back, back, back, back.

From here you're just going to step out to the front on five and you're going to bring your right hand across your body on six, seven, eight. Your right heel is going to press down, down, down. This is on five, you go six, seven, eight. On one you're going to step your left foot in and just press down your body.

Think really smooth and really chill. Ne-Yo is always really relaxed and in complete control of his show so you don't want to ever appear rushed when you're dancing like Ne-Yo.

Let's try that from the top. Five, six, seven, eight, you go one, two, and three, four and five, turn six, kick, stop. One, two, three, four and stop, groove, groove, groove, down one.

Let's try it with the music. Five, six, seven, eight, one.


And that's how you dance like Ne-Yo.

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