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How to Do Melbourne Shuffle Forward Dance Steps

Learn how to do forward dance steps in the Melbourne Shuffle from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? This is Matt Stefenina, and today I'm going to teach you guys how to add in forward dance steps while shuffling. Any of the steps you've learned while shuffling can be done in multiple directions. But today I'm going to teach you a special one that we do to the front. We're going to go from the running man. So you want to start by doing a few running mans and finding the beat. Once you're here you're going to pick your back leg up as if you were going to do the running man again. However, rather than taking this leg back and going into a lunge, you're just going to hop both feet back and tap the front. Now you're going to come right back up to the same position.

You can repeat this step as many times as you want and then go back into the running man. So let's try that a little bit faster. From the running man, you pick this knee up. Now you're going to hop this foot back, tap your front. You can even do it again, tapping again, and then going back into the running man. Once we get going, and you're back knee comes up, rather than hopping back to our lunge, we're just going to stay here.

My left leg is still hopping back each time my right leg touches the floor. So I'm still traveling, I'm just not switching my feet. Once I get this going, I can always go back into my running man. And that's how you do forward dance steps in the shuffle.

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