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How to Hip-Hop Dance like Chris Brown

Learn how to dance like Chris Brown from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? My name is Matt Steffanina and today I'm going to teach you guys how to dance like Chris Brown. Chris Brown is known for a lot of different styles but the three that we're going to focus on today are footwork, crumping and tutting.

We're going to start by kicking our right leg forward. This is one. You're going to switch your feet, and kick in the left leg. Then you're going to take your left leg and cross it over and bring your right foot up. Notice how my upper body is still turned toward the front. Now we're going to reverse this kicking our left leg to the front, switching to our right foot, coming across with the right to come here. Again, my upper body is still twisted to the front.

From here I'm going to put my left foot down. I'm going to grab my pants right here and come all the way around, circling on five. So bring this right foot in together. From here we're going to chest pop twice, six, seven. Take your right hand and punch it into your left on eight.

Let's try that first eight count again. You kick one, and twist, and three, and four, step out on your right, five, you pop six, pop seven, punch eight. Notice how I turn my body into this punch to hit on eight.

From here I'm going to open my hands up. I'm going to go and, dropping our right hand down, make an 'X', lean to the left to open up again and step in. Now, from here on two I'm going to take my right shoulder and knock my head so that it bounces over. So this is two, look to the left. You're going to cross your arms again on three. You're going to pull this down on four.

When you bring this cross in you want to make it knock your head up. So I'm just opening my arms here and I'm going up with my head to roll down my body. From here I'm going to step on my left, my right arm is going to cross in front of my left to come open to here on six. From here you're going to reach across with your right hand, and then you're going to take this shape and move the whole thing over to the other side of your head bringing it down in front of you.

From here you're going to roll this across, sliding your right foot into your left and you're going to push down and contract on one. There's a nice big bass there on one so you want to make sure that you really hit hard using your stomach. You want to think of contracting, as if you were doing a crunch and hit as hard as you can on that bass, your arms are just pushing down.

Let's try that again and put that whole combination together. We have five, six, seven, eight. You go kick and two, and kick, and twist, step out five, pop six, seven, punch eight. And one, and, two, three, knock four, step five, up six and seven and eight. This is one.

And that's how you dance like Chris Brown.

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