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How to Do Melbourne Shuffle Kicks

Learn how to do Melbourne Shuffle kicks from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance video.


What's up? This is Matt Steffanina, and today I'm going to teach you guys how to incorporate kicks into your shuffle.

When we start off with kicks we want to put them into our Running Man. So we're going to first do a couple of steps with the Running Man. From here, when we pick our back knee up, rather than coming to this position we're going to bring that leg up and we're going to kick it. Now, you can kick it to the front. You can turn and kick to the side. You can even turn and kick it to the back.

You can kick in any direction. The most important thing to remember is that you want to keep on beat, so don't let your kicks get so crazy that you lose the timing. So from the Running Man as your leg comes up you're going to kick it front, then you're going to hop and use that leg that kicked to be the front leg in the next Running Man.

Let's try that a little bit faster and put it to music. So we're going to start with just our Running Man step nice and slow on the music. When that leg comes up we're going to kick it and put it back down into our shuffle again. Kick it, back down into the Running Man. SO from here you can turn this any direction. I can kick, kick, kick and go back down. As long as I stay on beat it's all good.

Let's try a little bit faster. Five, six, seven, eight. Two. Kick, down. Kick, down.

That's how you add kicks in to your shuffle.

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