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What Sexual Feelings Do Girls Experience during Puberty?

Learn about the sexual feelings girls experience during puberty, and whether masturbation is normal, from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Remember that boy in third grade you used to sit next to, and you thought he was really annoying, but now all of a sudden you think he's kind of cute. Going through puberty you may have some feelings, sexual feelings, feelings of attraction for other people, and they're totally normal. Actually your body may even react to these feelings. You may have some physical symptoms that go along with sexual attractions, and these feelings are normal too. You may feel warm down below, you may feel tingly, and you may even notice a little bit of vaginal discharge, all of this is normal. Remember, your body's reacting physically to some of the mental things that you're experiencing, and everybody goes through this. Some girls, as an exploration of their sexual feelings may masturbate, and that is totally normal too. In fact, from a medical perspective, masturbation is not only normal, it can be healthy. It can relieve stress, it can relieve tension and anxiety, it can help you sleep better, and there's actually a study that shows you that it lowers the number of colds that you have because it increases your immune system, and people do it. Your mom's done it, your sister's done it, your brother's done it, your bus driver's done it, everyone has done it, so you shouldn't feel weird or abnormal if you're masturbating and exploring your body. Many people consider this to be a private topic, and if you have any questions or you're feeling unsure of yourself, definitely speak to someone. If you're not comfortable talking to your parents there are other people to talk to, you can talk to an older sibling, you can talk to a friend, a coach, trust me, everyone is going to be familiar with this topic. One thing I wanted to mention to you, is that if you're find that you're masturbating 24/7, if you're masturbating up a storm and you're hurting yourself, you actually feel sore, or if you're not getting out of the house to do your regular activities because you're masturbating, you may have a problem, and at that point you'd want to go see a doctor, otherwise masturbation is the normal part of puberty, so don't feel bad if you're doing it too, it's just part of the normal development of becoming an adult.

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