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How to Deal with Puberty When You're Overweight

Learn how to deal with puberty when you are an overweight girl from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


For girls who are overweight or obese, they can experience puberty a little bit earlier than other people, and you may notice signs like facial hair, pubic hair development, underarm hair growth, you get your period, your breast start to develop a little bit earlier than, let's say, seven or eight. The reason may be because you're overweight.

What you need to remember is, when you are overweight, some of the issues that you deal with as a child becomes issues that you deal with as an adult, and this is why it is so important to get on top of your weight as a child. If you are concerned about your weight, if you feel like you gained too much weight going through puberty, definitely speak to your doctor. Since you were a little girl, your doctor has charted your growth, your height and weight changes, and if your growth stays in a curve, it's totally normal for you and everything may be okay. If you have excessive weight gain during puberty, your doctor can work with you and other health practitioners to put you on a plan that may help you lose that weight, which is so important, again, as a child because if you can shed those pounds as a child, you will be much better off as an adult. And what I want to mention here too is you want to avoid fad diets as much as you can. Fad dieting usually never works because while it may work in the short term, in the long term you tend to pack the pounds back on, and it's hard to sustain itself. You need to make lifestyle changes that are going to work, you need to eat better, you need to put in regular exercise, and a healthcare practitioner definitely can guide you. So don't be concerned if you are overweight, there are definitely way to keep it in control. Just speak to your doctor, speak to a parent if you have any concerns, and you'll on your way to normal development.

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