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How Do Hormones Wreak Havoc on Girls during Puberty?

Learn how hormones wreak havoc in girls during puberty from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Your best friend just told you that she doesn't love your miniskirt. You feel so upset. Your mom is driving you crazy. Your teacher told you to rewrite your English assignment, and now you start bawling. You're angry one minute. You're happy the next. You have tons of mood swings. Your body's going through all sorts of wacky changes. What is going on?

Let me let you in on a little secret: it's called your hormones. That's what's responsible for all of these changes during puberty.

Let's break down how hormones work. There's the pituitary gland. It's a bean shaped gland that sits at the base of your brain. When you are ready to go through puberty it sends out signals, or hormones, telling your body to change.

As a girl these hormones travel through your bloodstream and they tell your ovaries to produce estrogen which is the hormone responsible for all of these crazy changes that you're experiencing - changes in your body, like your breasts. You get your period. You get underarm hair. You have pubic hair. The hair on your legs and arms starts to darken and get thicker. All of these changes are due to the hormones that are flowing through your body due to puberty.

But it's not just your body that they're working on. It's your mind, too. That's why you have mood swings. You might feel irritable one minute and feel happy the next.

All of this is normal, and there are ways to deal with it. The first thing is to remember that you are not alone. Everybody goes through this. Hormones work on everybody's body during puberty in different ways. But trust me, everyone experiences these symptoms and they are normal.

You should learn to relax. It's so important to find something that works for you whether it's Pilates, yoga, talking to a friend, exercising. Whatever it does to relax you will help you deal with these emotional changes and these body changes that you may be experiencing.

Also,don't forget to talk to somebody as I mentioned. If you're not comfortable talking to your parents that's fine. Find somebody, a coach, a teammate, a friend, an older sister, an older brother. They'll let you know that everyone goes through this, it's normal, and you'll make it through, too.

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