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How to Handle Emotional Changes during Puberty

Learn how to handle the emotional changes girls experience during puberty from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


You make plans with your friend and she cancels on you because she has a sore throat, and you worry incessantly that she's mad at you.

You show your art project to your brother, and he rolls his eyes, and you start balling. Your parents are driving you crazy. You're happy one minute. You're sad the next.

Any of this sound familiar? You are going to experience a lot of emotional changes during puberty. And all of this is normal.

The reason you're experiencing this is because the hormones that are responsible for all those changes going on in your body, are also working overtime on the inside of your body. On your mind and your emotions.

All of this is normal. Mood swings. Emotional changes. Feeling upset. Feeling angry. Feeling happy.

And you can feel these things all at once at all different times. And it can go from one emotion to the next very quickly and very easily.

This is a normal part of puberty. And, a lot of it is, I imagine, has to do with your hormones. There are things you can do to try to cope with these emotional changes.

One of them is just speak to someone that you trust. Knowing that other people are going through this, and I promise you they are, goes a lot in helping you to make it through and cope with these changes.

Another is, try not to react immediately. Try to count down from ten to one, if you can. And while this may seem, like, very obvious advice, just taking a time out to relax and to give yourself a minute to breathe, may not trigger such an emotional reaction. That's really important too.

Also, try go get enough sleep. People that don't get enough sleep tend to have emotional issues and mood swings that are much worse than people who are well rested.

Exercise is so important. It goes a long way in controlling your mood swings.

And, finding things that make you relax. Whether it's yoga, Pilates. Whatever it is. Drinking camomile tea. Anything that works to relax you will make you get through this time of emotional change in puberty which, by the way, is normal, much more easily than not.

And just remember. We all go through it. We've all been there. And you're going to make it too.

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