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Is Masturbation Normal for Boys during Puberty?

Learn about the connection between puberty in boys and masturbation from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


So you want to know if masturbation is normal? The answer is absolutely, yes. One study I read said that three in four teenage boys, that's 75 percent of teenage boys, admitted to masturbating, but there's this joke that 99 percent of teenage boys actually masturbate, and the other one percent lie about it.

From a medical perspective, masturbation is normal and it even has health benefits. It can relieve stress, it can relieve anxiety and it can make you sleep better. It can also give you less colds, it actually helps your immune system.

Sometimes you might feel a little uncomfortable about the topic of masturbation. Some cultures and religions actually frown on the practice, and it may feel like a private discussion for you, but let me tell you, chances are your dad masturbated, your brother masturbated, your bus driver masturbated, and everyone is masturbating.

It is a normal part of sexual exploration. You can figure out what feels good and what doesn't feel good in your body, and it's a healthy part of puberty development.

I do want to mention one thing. If you're masturbating up a storm, 24/7, if you're chronically obsessively masturbating, if you're sore because of it and you're not getting out of the house doing your normal activities, something may be wrong, and that's the time you may want to speak to a doctor or someone you trust. Otherwise, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of puberty.

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