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What Genital Changes Occur in Boys during Puberty?

Learn about the genital changes boys experience when they go through puberty from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Puberty is sort of a weird time because your body is going through a ton of different changes it's all due to your hormones.

As a boy, one of the first changes you're going to notice is the growth of your testicles. Those are the two ball like structures in a sack that lie under your penis. They're going to start to grow in size. The sack itself is going to change color, it starts to darken and get a little coarser. All of this is normal. Don't be alarmed if one of your testicles grows faster than the other or seems to be a little larger than the other. As you get older, one of those testicles may stay slightly larger than the other and that is totally normal also. The only time for concern is if one of the testicles is growing rapidly, much quicker than the other one, and then you might want to let your mom or dad know to make an appointment with the doctor.

One of the other changes you're going to notice is the development of pubic hair in your genital region. The hair starts off as sort of soft and thin in texture and then starts to darken and get curlier and thicker as you get older. It's totally normal. One thing to remember is if you're a guy with dark hair, your pubic hair is most likely going to be dark, and if you're a guy with light hair your pubic hair may actually be light. But it can be dark too and that's completely normal, not to worry, that's sort of the color rule. All of these changes are totally normal and they're all due to your hormones. They happen at different times and different paces for everybody. So don't freak out if you're not experiencing those changes at the same time as your friends. You will definitely catch up, we all develop at our own pace.

One of the last changes in your genital area is that your penis is actually going to grow in length and get a little but fuller. This sort of starts around 11 to 14 but it can come earlier and later than that. And those are basically the changes in your genital area and your pubic hair if you're a boy going through puberty.

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