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What Are the Ages & Stages of Puberty for Boys?

Learn the age boys go through puberty and what they experience at each stage from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Are you noticing that your friend is as tall as LeBron James, but you're really short and only come up to his knees? Or possibly you're noticing all sorts of other things, like your friend has facial hair and you don't? Or you do, and he doesn't? All of these changes are normal. For boys, there are tons of stages and tons of ages that things can happen in, and they may occur at different orders. Not to worry. Let's break down what is going on for boys in puberty. One of the first stages is a change in your testicles. Those are the two balls in a sac that lie under your penis. The testicles start to grow, and the sac may change in color and start to get coarser in texture. This is totally normal. The second change is the development of pubic hair, and that's hair in your genital area. That usually occurs after the testicles start to grow. The next change is a growth spurt. The muscles start to develop. You start to get taller. Your shoulders broaden. This occurs at different paces and at different times for people, all normal. The next thing that occurs is that you may experience some voice changes - also normal. Acne. You may notice BO, and your penis may actually start to get larger and fuller. While all these changes may feel weird and a little strange, trust me. Everybody goes through it, and the take home message is, we all develop at our own pace, and it's all normal. If you have questions, you can definitely talk to your parents; talk to your dad, talk to an older sibling, a friend, someone you trust, even your doctor. Your doctor's heard everything, so no question is going to surprise him or her. And trust me, it's all normal and that's my take home message here, if you haven't gotten it already. And these are the stages and ages of puberty in boys.

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