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What Are Growth Spurts during Puberty?

Learn about the adolescent growth spurts that occur during puberty from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Have you ever returned back to school in September and noticed that your friend doesn't recognize you, or you don't recognize her? That's because she's taller. Growth spurts come along with all of the changes that accompany puberty, and boys and girls grow at different rates. Sometimes you'll notice that if you're a girl you're a little taller than most of the boys in your class, and that's because growth spurts occur quicker for girls than they do for boys. But the boys will catch up.

Puberty has so many different changes, and all of these changes are normal. Growth spurts, just like the other changes, occur at different rates. So, you may go to the doctor and realize that you've grown eight inches in the last year, and you didn't notice any of the growth, because it's all totally gradual.

Or, you may notice a growth spurt, then you stop growing, and then you start growing again. All of this is normal. All of these patterns are normal. What's so important during this time, is that you get enough sleep to ensure proper growth, that you have good diet and nutrition which is so, so important, and that you get regular exercise. This is not the time to crash diet. You're going through a lot of changes, and you just want to give your body the fuel it needs to grow.

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