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How to Handle Body Odor during Puberty

Learn how to handle adolescent body odor from Jennifer Wider, M.D. in this Howcast video.


So I was giving a talk at a middle school recently and the lacrosse coach asked me if I wanted a ride up to the middle school because the parking lot was blocked. So I jumped on the van with the lacrosse team after practice and boy was that a mistake. Because it smelled so bad I can't even tell you. What's the story with BO and what is going on? Well when you hit puberty you may notice that your body smells and it's sort of a funky smell, and this is the reason. The hormones that are responsible for all those other changes going on in your body also attack your sweat glands. It increases the sweat, the composition of your sweat, it changes it mixes with bacteria and you're sweating in places you've never sweat before and it really starts to smell. So here's some tips for you whether you play lacrosse or not, here we go. What's the first thing you can do? Shower regularly, so so important. Mom and dad maybe maddening and you hate to shower but trust me, everyone will thank you. Get your body in the shower. Two, definitely use antiperspirant and deodorant, so important. It really makes a difference. Again, your teammates, your mom and dad will thank you. Also, wash your clothes regularly. I can't tell you how many guys, and I'm not sure whether it's a guy thing or not, do not wash their clothes regularly. When I was in college I had friends that wore the same shirt, they wore the same socks, they wore even the same underwear over and over again. Don't let that beat. Make sure you wash your clothes and while you're living at home with mom and dad, little tip, ask them to do your laundry for you. So you want to keep your body clean, you want to use deodorant, you want to wash your clothes regularly, and wear breathable fabrics, so important. 100% cotton lets you breathe, keeps out the odor. Things like spandex or other 100% polyester definitely traps odor. So if you're finding you have an issue with BO, change your fabrics. And that's it, these are the basics of BO and puberty. Best of luck.

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