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How to Survive Puberty with Jennifer Wider, MD

Learn about Jennifer Wider, MD, one of Howcast's puberty experts, in this video.


Hey there, I'm Dr. Jennifer Wider and I'm going to be your guide through puberty here on HowCast.

I decided to do this project because I truly believe in empowering powering just like you, to get good solid health information through the media, in order to make good choices. After graduating from Princeton University, I completed my medical training at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. I went on to publish three books, one of which is A College Girl's Guide to Health. It's an A to Z guide on everything you need to know, health-wise, if you're a college girl.

I host a radio show on Cosmo Radio, SiriusXM Channel 109, wake up with Taylor, every Wednesday at 9:30. I'm a medical advisor to Cosmopolitan magazine, I serve on the boards at Girls Inc. and the Society for Women's Health Research. And I dedicated my career to empowering people to make good decisions through the media.

You can find more information about me at my website,,, and you can find me on Twitter @drwider. Thanks.

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