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How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

Learn how to ask a girl out from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Roe Utena/Flickr


If you're going to ask a girl out, it's pretty simple. Like you just have to ask the question. You have to get the number, maybe you watched the other video and you make the plans. You know, it's all about the guy making the initiative and being, you know, the initiator and being a little a little aggressive and figuring out where you want to take her and, you know, kind of putting the plan together.

It's really not that hard, you know. Once you get a little interest from her and spark her curiosity. So literally it's just coming right out and asking the question about, you know, taking her out to eat, or going to see a movie, or a show, or whatever else, you know, you guys are interested in.

If you're going to do it in person or on the phone, you know, they both end up in person. So you know, if you get the number first and then you go home and give her a call to see if, you know, she wants to grab a bite to eat, that's just as fine as, you know, asking her when you're in person, you know, the time before if you want to grab a bite to eat the next day or whatever. So as long as you are making a plan and, you know, sparking her curiosity you're going to get a yes.

There's no right or wrong way to say it. You don't have to phrase it, you know, it's what you're comfortable with. You know, as long as it comes out of your mouth sounding normal it's going to sound normal to her. So if you normally say you know, "Come on baby, let's go grab a drink." You know. If she's not completely creeped out by that she'll probably say yes.

You can over think things. I mean, I think that's what men and women both do when they're in, you know, a dating or flirting situation. Everybody tends to get inside their heads. And the thing of it is like we are both very simple creatures. We want very simple things and it's all about kind of just tuning into what the other sex wants and that is just connect with somebody.

So if you're interested and you think she's interested just ask her out, you know. Even if you're just vague about it, you know, "Let's go out sometime." Get her feedback and then plan a date, that's fine too. If she says no it's her loss.

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