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How to Appear More Confident on a Date with a Woman

Learn how to appear more confident from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: rishwan jalyl/Flickr


All right guys, so confidence is huge. It is probably the biggest turn on to a woman. So what if you're not so confident? What if you need a little help? It's totally fine. It's kind of like one of those fake it till you make it situations.

So literally, it's almost like a mantra. You need to really let yourself know, first, that you feel confident. Dress to make sure that you feel your best. It's not just women that feel better when they look better.

If you're not dressing in a way that makes you feel good, that's going to be a problem. So make sure that you feel good on the outside.

The other thing is, literally, just moving your shoulders back and getting better posture can really improve the way that you present yourself. And even if you're not feeling like the most best-looking guy in the room, just standing up, putting your shoulders back, taking a deep breath in, is going to improve greatly just the way that you're perceived.

So like I said, fake it till you make it. Tell yourself you look good and eventually, once you land that girl that's going to tell you how good you look, you're going to actually start to feel it.

So it's all about your perception of yourself and you're going to be your own worst verdict. So, literally, just put yourself out there.

Well, sometimes having a cocktail helps you loosen up a little bit. So I think a lot of people get a little stuffed up or very insecure with how they look or how they act.

And sometimes, it takes a cocktail or just some sort of relaxation method to destress and feel like you're comfortable in your own skin.

If the drink doesn't work, try some yoga.

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