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How to Flirt with Girls on Twitter

Learn how to flirt on Twitter from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: theinvinciblemum/Flickr


Flirting on Twitter is the topic of this video. Just like on Facebook, Twitter's an even more open social network. Unless you protect your tweets, everybody can see them; that means your mother, grandmother, and the five girls that you're seeing at the same time. You really shouldn't be flirting on Twitter. You can pay some compliments, reply back to somebody, re-tweet something, but it's really not the place to start a relationship or continue one. If you have a need to contact someone through Twitter, do it through a direct message and make sure that it's kept private. Just keep it off the airwaves. I know people that actually tweet at somebody, say they are good looking, and they can tweet back and I guess that works, but it's probably better to be kept off Twitter and in a direct message.

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