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How to Flirt with Girls on Facebook

Learn how to flirt on Facebook from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Daniele Prati/Flickr


Let's talk about flirting on Facebook. My first advice for flirting on Facebook is don't do it. Don't do it unless you're in a relationship, because Facebook is a very open network of people.

We're in a digital age. There is so much information out there. People are connected in all different areas, and unless you're in a serious, committed relationship with someone, you're not seeing other people, some of the stuff that you're flirting and commenting on could be seen by somebody else and cause a whole lot of mess.

So if you're not in a committed relationship, don't friend them, and wait until you are to start making comments and stuff. Because if you like their pictures or say that they're hot or sexy in them, and then the other person they're dating sees it, it just makes it a little tedious, and a little difficult to explain.

Basically, just keep it light, keep it simple and keep it private. I think until you're in a relationship, you should just keep it, press the like button, don't put anything too scandalous or flirty out there.

But it's really about, you can only control what you do. You can't control what they do. So I think you should be more concerned about what people are posting on your wall, that the people you're dating can see.

They're going to have to kind of monitor their own. But it's OK to be friends, but just realize how much information comes from just friending somebody on Facebook.

So if you're going to get a little too flirtatious, you shouldn't be on Facebook anyway, you should pick up the phone.

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