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How to Flirt with Girls on Dating Websites

Learn how to flirt on dating websites from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: David Sim/Flickr


Let's talk about flirting tips for dating websites. There's a ton of websites out there where you go out and meet people and it's all about going fishing. Keep it as light and fun as possible but at the same time know what you're looking for. If you see someone you're attracted to, you need to make that first initiative, so what do you send in the first email?

You could send something just as if you were in a bar or a restaurant or a book store, you would send something like that to them to break the ice. Say a comment about their profile or a comment about something in a picture, don't overshare. I think that's the biggest thing because you've already kind of overshared by being on the site. You have a profile, they know a lot about you in terms of your likes and dislikes so there's really no need to get totally into it in an email but, at the same time, you still want to show some of your personality. Keep it light and fun, make notice of something that's in their profile and give them the option to keep the conversation going.

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