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8 First Date Do's & Don'ts for Guys

Learn first date do's and don'ts from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: arhadetruit/Flickr


All right. Let's talk about what we're going to do on that first date. Because, you flirted your way to get the number. You've gotten the number. And, you actually called her. You didn't leave her a creepy message. And you're out on a date. What do you do now?

So, there's some dos and don'ts that most people don't really pay attention to. And, it's really important, at least for the first date, that you follow these.

Okay. Dos. Do pay attention. Guys, I know it's hard sometimes. I know we tend to ramble on about things that you probably don't care about. But, you have to pretend. It's one night.

So, pay attention to what she's saying. Ask her questions in return.

Okay. Don't brag. Because the biggest turn off to somebody is when you start talking about how much money you make, or what you drive.

Pay attention what she has to say. So, if she wants to talk about, you now, her grandma or dog for five minutes, it's fine. And, ask her questions about it. So, it's all about kind of engaging in a conversation.

The first date is when you're really just trying to figure out if you have any sort of compatibility. Don't talk about kids. Don't talk about marriage. Don't completely freak out if she does. Maybe she's, you know, had a rough time.

So, give everybody a break. I think the biggest thing is to kind of keep your mind open on a first date. And, that's actually why the cardinal rules of politics and religion, they just can't come up yet. Because they're not important yet.

You know, when you're out on a date with somebody, you are just getting to know them on a very superficial level. And, frankly, those things really won't matter three months down the line. Because you'll either be together and happy or you won't be, so don't waste your time.

So, pay attention. Pay her compliments and pay for dinner.

You can kiss on the first date. But, you have to kind of play it by ear. You know, some women don't kiss on the first date. And, if you go in for it and she rejects you, you've got to kind of expect it.

But, if you're feeling the vibe and you're feeling that she's into it, then, you know, by all means. So, just don't go have sex after that because nothing's really going to come good of that. Except for just the sex part.

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