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How to Date a Single Mom

Learn how to date single moms from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Ingrid Taylar/Flickr


All right, let's talk about dating single moms. Okay, so you met this chick she's rock star, and she's got kids. So you know what there's a whole different set of rules here that you have to respect, and if you can't respect them you kind of have to walk away. One is you're not going to be meeting those kids for a while, you know, you've got to realize that there's somebody else in this relationship other you guys, and you always have to kind of protect the little ones, because they can't protect themselves. So you have to realize that you know what you're probably not going to be going to her house for a while, and there might be some you know push back a little bit. You have to be willing to except that because she has a bigger role to play in this.

Two is don't take her for granted because you know what, she's got a lot of other stuff on her plate so if you're looking to just get laid guys go find somebody else because, there's a lot more emotional involvement I think when it comes to dating someone with responsibilities. So it's all about being respectful, respecting her boundaries, and eventually respecting the fact that they're a package deal. So, sorry to get all serious but you got to you know, the kids are involved.

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