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10 Blind Date Rules & Etiquette Tips for Guys

Learn ten blind date rules from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys Howcast video. Thumbnail: Gabriel S. Delgado C./Flickr


Maybe your grandmother or maybe your aunt, maybe your uncle set you up on a blind date and you need to know how to act when you're out on it.

You haven't met this woman, probably heard lots about her, and the biggest thing to remember when you're on a blind date is don't have too many expectations, and if you do, don't wear your emotions on your face. Because the worst thing you can do on a blind date is be disappointed and show it. So kind of like if you're going to go on the blind date, you've got to put on your big boy pants and really just kind of go with the flow.

Do the same thing that you would if you had made the date yourself with someone you weren't blind to, and put the effort in as if this is going somewhere. So it's all about keeping your expectations in check, putting your best foot forward, and staying positive and just go have fun. Because your date should be fun no matter what. Doesn't matter who you're on it with, just go have some fun and see what happens.

If the blind date isn't going well, you know what, the best thing you can do is cut it as short as possible. Which means, if you invited her out for drinks or you set up drinks, stop after the drinks. Don't go to dinner. If you've already committed to dinner, go to dinner, don't have desert, and then don't drag it out afterwards, you know. Thank her for a lovely evening, take her home right away. You know, you don't need to extend it past the uncomfortable point. Don't run off to the bathroom and leave, and don't have your friends call you in the middle of it with some lame excuse as to why you have to run.

So you've got to suck it up for this one night, you'll live, and you might surprise yourself. It might be amazing.

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