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How to Use a Pickup Line on Women

Learn how to use a pickup line from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Gabriela Pinto/Flickr


Let's talk about the pick up lines that you should use and I'm going to use and I'm going to start that by saying, don't use any. You're going to use what's around you. So whatever is in your environment that you are in when you see someone you are interested in, that's what you are going to use to pick them up. But we're going to use it as an introduction. We're not going to just say this is a pick up line. You're going to look at something that they are doing and make a comment on it. You're going to look at something they're drinking and make a comment on it. You're going to try to use the surroundings around you to start a conversation because that's all you're doing. Avoid the nasty pick up line, unless you can pull it off in a funny way, and actually just start a conversation. It could be as simple as Hi. It's very effective and you're just trying to get to know somebody. So take the pressure off you, start it off light and start getting out of your head and just have a little fun with it. Just say hi. Hi. Hey. What's up?

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