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How & Where to Meet a Girl

Learn how to meet a girl from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Jemingway/Flickr


All right. Let's talk about how and where to meet a girl.

It really depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a serious relationship, you're going to put a little more effort into finding love. If you're just looking to meet people to hang out with, hook up with, you know what? You can pretty much do that anywhere.

Obviously, you have the standards, which is a bar, a coffee shop, the bookstore, the gym. These are all places to meet people. There's also online. A lot of you guys might be a little scared of it, but there's millions and millions of people that go online to try to find people, and it just broadens your base. It depends how hard you want to look for love. You know what? It really depends on where you're at and what you're trying to get.

If you're looking for love offline, go to the places where people are. I always say, you know what, go out of your normal zone. Go to networking. Try to get into groups that you're interested in. If you're into photography, go join a photography club. If you're into wine, which, who isn't into wine, go join a wine tasting group.

Try to go into places where you already have something in common with the people that you're looking to meet. It makes a really easy introduction for you, and then you get to build on something that you already have in common. Instead of getting drunk at the bar and taking whoever's drunk with you home for the night, if you're looking for something a little more stable, try to build a foundation first.

You're not joining a club to just meet people. You're joining a club because you actually enjoy the activity. If you enjoy cooking, or if you enjoy photography, you're going to take it because you enjoy it, but at the same time, you're going to end up meeting people with a like mind as you.

Maybe they're not in the class. Maybe it's somebody that's in the class with you that wants to hook you up with their single girl friend. Go out there, participate in everything, and I guarantee you're going to find somebody to go hang out with. It might not be your soulmate, but you'll get a date.

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