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How to Know If She's Interested

Learn how to know if she's interested from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Duncan Harris/Flickr


Alright, guys, so you want to know if she's interested. You've met this girl. You're, you know, interested in her, obviously, but you want to be able to read her cues to see if she's interested back. And that is, , you know, it's a little touchy. Because there's some women and they're just really nice, and they're going to give you kind of what you're going to perceive as false cues.

But, there's a couple things that you can really pay attention to. One, that, you know, is we talked about this before, the touch. No one is touching you unless they're interested in you.

And, you know, there is a certain smile, a certain sparkle, that I think happens between people who are attracted to one another, and you really just have to be able to, you know, weed through the ones that are more just being genuinely nice and the other ones that are, you know, looking to have a little fun. So you got to be able to read the cues. You got to put some cues out there.

So it's all about mirroring one another. You know. If you're going to start flirting with her, you know, you need to see if she's going to flirt back. So whether you're, you know, saying a flirty joke or, you know, making some vague reference to going out, you know, you need to read her cues to see if she's going to be responsive. And sometimes, you know what, you just have to go for it. So you'll find out if she's interested or not is, you know, when you ask her out.

In terms of flirtation I think you're going to have the people who are, you know, sparkly or romantic, and then you're going to have the friend side of it. So I think there's more, kind of, two zones here instead of making it all complicated. So you either have the people who are nice - and hopefully you're talking to nice people, but it also makes it kind of confusing if you're interested in them - and then you have the people who are flirting. So it's kind of figuring out, you know, what I can throw at them to see if they throw it back at me. And then you can figure out if they're interested.

If she calls you back, the biggest thing is the mirroring rule. And I, you know, you might have heard this before. Is if, you know, you need to get back what you're giving. And if they're not giving it back then you know that they're not interested. So if you're calling them and they're not calling you back, or if you're texting them and they're not texting you back, or if you're asking them out and they're saying no for now, they're not interested. And it goes both ways. So if you're putting yourself out there and she's not returning it then you have your answer.

But, you know, if you've just met you kind of have to watch the nuances a little bit more, because you don't have her number yet. You've got to watch the other video.

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