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How to Initiate a First Kiss with a Girl

Learn how to initiate a first kiss from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: theinvinciblemum/Flickr


So you've had the date and it's going pretty well and you're interesting in taking it a little step further. It's natural progression so it's how do you initiate that first kiss? How do you do it without being awkward? And frankly there's really no set rules on this one. You just have to feel it. Don't be all creepy, awkward and you know, hovering. You can't just go in for it without warning, you have to kind of lead up to it a little bit. Get into an intimate position. Which means you can't be three feet away and then just run in for it because you're going to end up bumping and then it's all a mess. It's all about timing. It's all about having the moment, being very close to one another, and then just leaning in. So you really just have to feel it and you have to go for it because you can't start and stalk because that can get awkward, too. So you're having a really beautiful moment, you're looking at each other's eyes, if you're really close talking and you feel like you can get one out of her, go for it. Just be delicate at first. No tongue at first, at all. No teeth. Teeth are bad. No pecking. There's no pecking. Pecking is for your friends or your mom on the cheek. It's got to be soft and it has to be very soft and gentle at first and intimate but without actually getting too intimate. You know, because if you don't get the same reaction from her you're going to end up understanding that she's not interested. If you're getting a cheek from her as you're going in for it, don't move your face to meet her lips. So if you're leaning in and she's leaning away you'll get the hint. But if she's not moving anywhere or she's moving towards you, it's going to happen.

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