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How to Get a Second Date with a Girl

Learn how to get a second date from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys video from Howcast. Thumbnail: Gariela Pinto/Flickr


All right, guys. So you made it through the first date. [claps] Yay. Okay, so now what do you do to get the second date? The biggest thing, and this is where guys fall short so many times, is the follow up. Because frankly, you could have this amazing date and if you don't call her for a week, she's never going to say, "Let's go out again." Because you kind of have a window; I think it's a 24 to 48 hour window after your first date that you should be following up, and you should be asking her out again. And if you're in to her, you would be doing that anyway. See if the first date goes well, have a little fun. Don't get too deep and at the end of it, you'll know whether or not she's interested, especially if she gives you a kiss. So, it's better to ask for the second date on the first date. Make another plan. At the end of the date, instead of just saying, "Oh, I'll call you," and then [laughs] obscurely setting something in the future, that's not going to work as well as saying, "This has been amazing. Can you see you next Friday?" So, set the date then. And if she say "no," at least you know where you stand. But if she says "yes," you're already booked. If you're not interested in a second date it's totally fine, because you just had a first date, you know? You're just getting to know each other. You just say, "Goodnight, thank you for a good time," and give there the slight brush off. So, don't say you're going to call. The biggest thing with women is, do what you said you're going to do. If you're not going to call, don't say you're going to call. Think of her having a pleasant evening, even if it wasn't so pleasant, and you just want to go home. Just say, "Thank you," and move on and move on to the next girl.

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